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11 October 2012


Just Try It
I'm pretty sure the owner is part strong man, I watched the guy deadlift a car that a customer dropped their keys under. After she got her keys he continued to lift the thing 13 more times in 60 seconds. I was like "man oh man, and i thought the pizza was awesome!" You will not find better pizza than this. I'm not sure if anyone has ever relocated due to not being close enough to one of your favorite places to eat, but this place made me consider it. the pocket sandwich is also the best deal in the history of existence

28 October 2012


ATTENTION 2-Wheel Drive Pickup Truck Owners!!
The 16-slice Sicilian pizza can be used in place of sandbags or concrete blocks to weigh down the back of the pickup for extra traction during the winter season!! Damn good tasting too!!